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Metrica Tower è una librearia disegnata da CtrlZak, realizzata in metallo brunito fa parte della fortunata e iconica collezione Metrica distribuita dal Brand Mogg. Un elemento d’arredo che ben si adatterà facilmente ad ogni tipo d’ambiente, grazie alla sua forma: semplice e al tempo stesso elegante.

Metrica Tower è facile da notare grazie alle sue finiture in metallo brunito che generano dei giochi di colore che ben si mimetizzano in stanze di ogni caratura, dai salotti alle sale d’attesa.


Metrica Tower is a bookshelf designed by CtrlZak, made in burnished metal is a bookshelf belonging to the Metrica Collection developed by Mogg Brand. An elegant piece of furniture that will fits in every kind of space, thanks to its shape, thin but elegant.

Metrica Tower is easy to notice thanks to its finish in burnished metal that generate a chromatic play that fits well in every room, from living to lounge areas.

The simple structure exploits the cadenced rod industrial processing in different diameters and according to an irregular partition. The essential volume is delineated thanks to the match of straight lines: the rhythm is punctuated by the rods positioned at different intervals on a seemingly rigorous structure where the books and objects will complete the shape, writing from time to time new compositions.



Dim. cm 25x25x191H